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Your Extra Layer of Protection in Cold and Wet Weather
Designed for sitting or standing in cold and/or wet weather, our Blankoat it is the ideal accessory for sports fans, campers, or emergency winter protection.

Closed Open Side Side
Whatever you would normally wear when it is cold or wet outside is not enough to keep you warm and dry when you are sitting or standing still. Polar Bear Wear's Blankoat offer the extra layer of protection you can keep in your trunk or sports bag that is always available when you need it.

logo Covering you from head to calf, Blankoat will help keep you warm and dry with all of these features. . .

Hood WaterproofWater Proof and Wind Blocking Nylon Outer Shell

... REPLACES ...

PonchoA Poncho

Hood FleeceWarm Insulating Fleece Liner

... REPLACES ...

BlanketA Blanket

Hood Hood Form Fitted Hood - Waterprood and Insulated

... REPLACES ...

HatA Hat

Hand Hand Insulated hand pockets including pouch for optional chemical hand warming packet

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Foam Foam Insulating foam pad sewn into lining to protect you from a cold, wet or snowy seat

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PadA Stadium Cushion

Magnets MagnetsStrong magnets sewn into the bottom of the lining helps close the front and keep it closed.

... REPLACES ...


Strap Closed Strap_Closed Strap_Open Strap Open Strap_Wrapped Strap_Wrapped
Built in strap for compact carrying and storage

Pocket Pocket
Interior waterproof pocket

All for only $79.00

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